5 Films The Culture Need To Watch In 2021

Words By Jason Sewald

2021 has given us many black films, Coming 2 America, Judas and the Black Messiah and many more. However, that isn’t all the year has left to offer. Have a look at five upcoming films that star talented black actors.

Starting with a film already out (cheating a little bit), Candyman is a film perfect for Spooktober. Directed by Jordan Peele, the film follows a student trying to look into the rumours of the Candyman. This film is ideal if you’re looking for a bit of fright in October. The film was added because I believe it hasn’t had the chance to shine due to the pandemic, so I’m taking this opportunity to urge people to watch it.

One of the most anticipated movies of the year, the upcoming Eternals will continue Marvels dominating run in the box office. Having cast Bryan Tyree Henry (Paperboi in Atlanta), it will be exciting to see him step into a new role and put his talent on display for an entirely new audience.

Reggie Yates directorial debut. Pirates follow the story of 3 young boys in 1999 trying to enter the biggest party to end the millennium. The film promises lots of laughs and shenanigans for the boys to get into.

King Richard
Venus and Serena Williams. 2 names that have entirely revolutionised women’s tennis and the man behind it all? Richard Williams. This is a Biographical film that follows the story of Richard Williams and how he came to be, and this is produced and starring none other than Will Smith.

Boxing Day
Boxing Day has to be at the top of your list this year, as this is a film full of young and black talent directed by Aml Ameen. The story follows Melvin (Aml Ameen), a British author living in America, who returns home to London for Christmas to introduce his American fiancée, Lisa (Aja Namoi King), to his family. Their relationship is put to the test as she discovers the world her fiancée has left behind. 


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