14HQ was founded by Bobby Emmanuel and Husam Elgenied in the summer of 16. What started off as a friendship in the UWL men’s football team grew into much more as the pair realised, they shared the same ideologies and ambitions to create a wave in the media industry.

What comes with the University experience is friends for life and amongst their peers they discovered that fate had thrown them together with a group of people who equally possessed the creative hunger and drive which grew into the website you see today.

14HQ is here to give a platform to young and creative people to showcase their work, regardless of how much experience or following they have. We are here to be the first company that comes to mind when creatives want to share their work with the world and become the platform for an entire generation to showcase themselves.

At 14HQ, creativity and personality means everything – we want you to enjoy our content, as well as getting to know the person behind creating it.