AJ VS FURY: Who You Got?


Words By Charles Odugbesan

There are those in the world of boxing that have dubbed this “the biggest fight of this generation”, as at long long last the fight we’ve all been waiting for has been been announced. The parties and representatives of the top 2 fighters in Heavyweight boxing, Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury, have agreed terms for 2 bouts with dates and locations to be confirmed for later on this year!

From those revelations of his dire medical state and a vow to return to the sport of Boxing back in 2016/17, Tyson Fury has risen seamlessly back to the summit of the sport, regaining the championship status he had before relinquished. It took Fury just 6 fights, including two thrillers against former WBC champion Deontay Wilder, to get back on top, more than assuring us that his skills had not diminished in his absence and that if anything, the 32 year old is at the very peak of his powers.

Elsewhere, Anthony Joshua has been on something of a road to redemption of late. After losing in spectacular fashion to Andy Ruiz Jr, naturally his character was starting to be called into question. He had hit the canvas for the first time in his professional career against Wladimir Klitschko, his fights were becoming less of an exhibition and more of an endeavour and he surrendered his undefeated record in poor fashion. The air of invincibility around him had faded. Nevertheless, Joshua has gritted his teeth since his loss, reclaiming his belts in convincing fashion and putting on a dominant display against Kubrat Pulev since.

Now what are the questions that spring to mind with this fight?

How much more can both fighters achieve in their illustrious careers? Well a unified bout for all the belts will most certainly top their lists. It will be the chance for one of them to solidify themselves as the undisputed champion of the Heavyweight division. One cannot claim to be the king of the mountain whilst the other stands in their way.

What next for a victorious Joshua? Should he beat Fury who becomes the next contender? Usyk perhaps? Luis Ortiz? Or what of the previous super fight with Deontay Wilder that fans had fantasized about?

What would the future hold for a victorious Tyson Fury? There have already been rumours of Fury hanging up his gloves for a second time around the time of his engagement with Wilder. That didn’t prove to be the case. But what better way to complete the comeback of a lifetime, from weighing 400+ pounds and suffering from crippling depression, to standing toe to toe with the other big dog in the division and leaving the sport, undefeated with all 4 Heavyweight belts? Fury could retire with the ultimate sense of fulfilment.

And one final question should things pan out a certain way… trilogy?

For now it seems there are no more obstacles. No mandatory challengers, no Deontay Wilder, no excuses! The immediate destiny of both fighters lie in the ring with each other in arguably one of the most highly anticipated double headers the sport may have ever seen. It’s like that old Chinese proverb goes – All Good Things Come In Pairs. 

Here’s hoping that that is gospel!!

Last but not least, Rest In Peace to the incomparable Middleweight great, Marvellous Marvin Hagler.


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