Album Review: Lagos City Trapstar II | Bay Blanco

Words & Photography By Charles Odugbesan

Four years ago Bay Blanco swapped London for Lagos right before the release of his maiden EP Lagos City Trapstar. Fast forward to today, a year and a half after dropping his previous work Easy Level at the end of 2020, Blanco looks to keep the momentum going as we enter the midway point of 2022 with the release of a long awaited Lagos City Trapstar II.

Given how well received the first instalment was at the time, listeners will no doubt have a heightened sense of anticipation before hearing the second chapter. And with the release of his 2 latest singles Straight To The Top and Mbappe Flow (both expected to feature in the EP), the build up towards the new drop has gained some serious traction.

LCT2 will be delivered as half a dozen songs of snappy lyrical content meshed cleanly with well crafted melodic instrumentals. In fact, one of the key areas of LCT2 that can really be championed is it’s production. The global pandemic provided a great opportunity for Blanco to harness his skills with regards to the more technical aspects of his music – production, mixing and mastering are all areas in which he has improved. As time seemed to slow down around the world, Blanco clearly understood the increase in its value, using it to capitalise on making higher quality sounding music. Personally I believe this had a calming effect on his vocals and delivery thereafter. The EP showed a sense of self recognition, like Blanco himself knows the steps he is taking towards perfecting his craft. 

As aforementioned, Lagos City Trapstar was released 4 years ago. And this week, April 14th to be exact, that musical journey will continue. Tune in to Bay Blanco to see where those 4 years have taken him as he sets the path for us to walk through Lagos City Trapstar II. Available to listen to on all major platforms.


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