Album Review: Lancey Foux – ‘FIRST DEGREE’

Words By Finlay Bell

Lancey foux delivers new album with murderous intent.

When dropping fresh material, there’s only so much an artist can take when their art is being likened to other individuals’ music, especially when they’re offering such a different sound in their native territory to anyone else. The new ‘First Degree’ album from Lancey Foux is evidence of this.

After the previous year being quiet on the release front, Lancey Foux has been quietly building his fan base domestically and overseas. Following numerous freestyles and singles dropping in the last few months, Foux has finally decided to compile a recollection of his thoughts from the last few months. This consequently makes for an unfiltered statement on his views of his audience, personal life and position in the industry, while visiting a whole host of emotions throughout the project.

The first half of the album – compiling ‘MURDRRTALK’, ‘AINT THIS !’, ‘DONT TALK’, ‘DONT!- TRUST ME’ and ‘BASED!’ – acts as a reactionary, raw and unhinged response to the attention Foux has garnered over the last few months due to his musical style. Condescending jibes at his critics and unflattering imitations of the fans trying to rid him of his success are littered throughout this stretch of the album, accompanied by heavy-hitting trap beats and raw vocal delivery. A complimentary feature from fellow London native Skepta expertly mirrors the same angry sentiment that his compatriot is hellbent on delivering. 

The second half of the album – featuring ‘CONTROLLING ME’, ‘BIPOLAR BAG’, ‘SEX MONEY MURDER & EXTORTION’, ‘CLARITY’ and ‘HONEST’ – makes for an interesting listen, acting as reaction to the consequent feelings of anger that Foux left in his wake from the first half of the album. Everything in this leg of the album points to this; slower beats, more melodic deliveries and lyrical content akin to an artist trying their all to shake comparisons and receive their well-earned plaudits to no avail, and reflecting on the choices and means he has gone about throughout his journey. This sentiment is perfectly rounded off by ‘HONEST’, an earlier single released by Foux. Within this song, he delves into feelings of self-doubt, regret and reflection of what his career has become, all with the same addictive flow and melody that we have come to know and love from him.

This album is a perfect reflection of where Lancey Foux currently is within his career; volatile and vulnerable enough for it all to fall through. However, it is delivered with such vigour and ease that should see him elevate to the next level, where he rightfully deserves to be.

You can check out ‘FIRST DEGREE’ here:


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