Interview: 303

Words by Tamay Nehir
Photography by Karan Teli

Introducing smooth R&B, young female music group, 303. The group – who formed back in 2017 – consist of two South London girls, Maddie and Io, alongside their third member who they found on YouTube, Chloe from Newcastle. Signed to an independent label, Hot Spring Music, their first group rehearsal being back in March 2017, 14HQ sat down with the girls to find out about their latest single release, an alluring song; Dreamin’ and their journey so far.

Starting off as a duo, gaining a third member was important for Maddie and Io. After watching Chloe’s covers on YouTube, featuring songs like Drake’s Come Thru and Fake Love, the two reached out to Chloe and had a FaceTime chat and decided to invite her down to London. They explain that before adding their third member, “we were just kinda jamming for fun, but we loved the idea of getting a third member and our manager really liked that idea too”. With support from their manager, things progressed as soon as Chloe hit London – “it was about clicking in person, after rehearsal we went for a coffee and we were already gossiping”.

In studio sessions, they say “we always listen to the beats the producer has, we always start bouncing ideas of each other”. When trying to understand the groups way of working as a team, it becomes clear that the trio work organically. “Three minds are better than one, we always get three says of saying something or doing something”.

Although the group have extremely similar music tastes, daily plays include TLC and Destiny’s Child, they also have their separate and individual preferences when it comes to their playlists. When finding out what these were, a mantra of Beenie Man, Gyptian, Brandy, Amy Winehouse and Ama Lou is made. The group think listening to their individual music “adds to our music style and individuality to have our other preferred music alongside a strong, shared interest in R&B”. With that being said, they also appreciate and recognise that each member of the group has their own strengths; Chloe being the melody, Lo with the high notes and Maddie with the harmonies and husky voice.

Somewhat strangely, the group say “we have a massive fan-base in Brazil and we love it”. Making aware that since they have put in the hard work they have received recognition, not only from notable publications like The Fader, Clash and Guardian, but also people working in their local Tesco’s, “it was like, what?!”. But what is appreciated by the group is that with all these experiences, they share it together.

When working through obstacles together, the group say that if they have a bad day in the office, they can “get through it together”. The girls say their WhatsApp group chat is always active and that they don’t just talk about music – they have become really good friends who are able to share a special talent together and combine it to create effortlessly enticing music that they hope will remain timeless, just like the old school R&B that they still listen to today. “I was listening to Confessions earlier today” Chloe admitted. With songs like Whisper and Someone Else, 303 are looking to staple their own voice with in R&B and who knows “play Coachella or a festival with Rihanna or Ella Mai one day”. 

To keep you waiting, 303 are currently working on an EP which aims to be released in Spring 2020, but until then, enjoy their latest release – Dreamin’.


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