An Interview with INFAMOUSIZAK

Words by Abolaji Oshun

Sitting in a nice PR agency on a Thursday afternoon, Izak seems remarkably calm. His neatly kept twists and faded sides are the first thing I notice, and compliment him on. He has the coolness of many up and coming musicians, yet possesses a refreshing warmth. It’s the afternoon before his EP “Deep The Night” releases later in the evening. Listening to his 3 singles which existed on his Spotify to positive acclaim and impressive streaming numbers, Izak’s remarkable clarity and fine songwriting is noticeable. While he shows great vocal and melodic range on No L, Awks is a more upbeat, braggadocio number. Homeowner seems to strike a balance between the two. While many would self prescribe their music as ‘versatile’, bragging an eclectic range and taste, Izak’s small discography has proven this without words. His degree in music production reveals itself in his careful production. Occupying in the hazy artistic space that exists of artists who can rap and sing effortlessly, it is clear the Norwood native is capable of numerous bangers, tear-jerkers and an overall iconic career.

So you direct your videos, write and produce? And you did your own cover art. Do you think that’s important? Having that creative control? 

I guess so, it’s my art at the end of the day. I mean I’m always open to ideas, help and inspiration … It’s important ‘cause it’s my vision at the end of the day, I’m painting my picture. 

How would you describe the sound you’re trying to push? 

I would say it’s a mix of sounds. I’m still trying to pin it down myself… there are songs like No L which is like RnB then I’ve got another called Silly Billy and some that are a bit more underground. I mean it’s a mixture of things. When I first started I was heavily into grime so like Skepta and D Double E. Then I started listening to other genres so had a broader palette of sounds and influences. 

With the EP is there a story to it? Is it conceptual? 

Kind of… It’s a loose one, it’s not like extremely thought out as a concept album. A lot of the things and experiences I’m talking about have come at night time or nightlife, when I’m out. A lot of times I say  “I come alive at night” – because even when I’m performing it’s always night time. I listen to music when I’m going out and I’m just tryna put this into the EP. 

I guess like emotions are heightened at night time as well so you can capture that. I think even though there’s a lot of darkness in the concept, a lot of the music isn’t very dark, they feel ‘light’ or vibrant.

I mean nighttime doesn’t always have to be like dark dark, even though it comes from night, you can still be feeling or experience that love. 

There’s electricity on the cover, so will a lot of the music be passionate? 

Yeah I’d say that, it’s just emotional. That’s what I want my music to be, I want people to be able to relate to it on an emotional level or at least feel something, that’s the aim, to feel something. To feel gassed or maybe sad or I dunno… whatever, to just feel something.

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