Interview: Planet Giza

Words by Tamay Nehir
Photography by Karan Teli

Touching down in London from Montreal, Canada, rising music group, Planet Giza take Shoreditch’s Ace Hotel for their first live performance in the UK. The multi-lingual trio, in their early 20’s, started embarking on a journey into music in 2013, which they describe as ‘enjoyable’. Dumix, Tony Stone and Rami B, an organic pyramid of creators, who are perhaps the next best thing to come out of Montreal.

Their most recent album, Added Sugar, featuring rapper Mick Jenkins and co-produced by Kaytranada, combine genre-defying notes of funk, neo-soul and a mixture of experimental smooth RnB textures. Songs like Attention, along with their latest release, You wasn’t lyin’ bring accents of jazz inspired beats with a contemporary twist of Hip-Hop. With their productions laced with bouncy bass and playful percussion, you will notice their music is uplifting and eclectic. Not only will you want to dance to their songs but they will quickly infect your mood. 

The group explain how they met through mutual friends and it wasn’t long before they had realised how they had a common interest; music. Their workspace became each other’s houses, one of which was a place Dumix bound himself to after being banned from the local park at a young age for antisocial behaviour. This was to stay out of trouble and away from “dumb sh*t”, Dumix began producing music in his room and admits he didn’t start off that great, but has since come a long way musically.

Hard work was proven to pay off after the three made Domina ft. Kaytranada, an international phenomenon when it comes to house and disco music scenes. This is one of their most notable achievements to date along with featuring at Montreal’s Piknic Électronik 2018, their stage hosting a crowd of 16,000 people.

When asked about live performances, Planet Giza claim to have little to no nerves. Trying to decide on where to go for breakfast, the group weren’t sure what to anticipate for their show in Shoreditch that night. Locating their fan-base is a difficult one. For an up-and-coming group, they are lucky enough (to say pin pointing their fanbase is difficult, due to the fact) to have fans that listen to their music from different parts of the world.

Coming to London, the trio suspect they will be inspired to create different sounds as they usually do when they are on their travels abroad. Their creativity seems to beam when in foreign places, they work in and out of studio settings. Nothing stops their musical stimulus. Having a manager has given them structure and allowed them to progress quickly and productively. Yet, so far, their days in London have consisted of trying new places to eat, like the different food pop-ups in Boxpark, Shoreditch. They spoke of studio sessions booked while in London to collaborate with artists to concoct possible next releases.

The talented Planet Giza chat about how they work in harmony to agree on their sound when one, or the other are sceptical about elements in a track. Ways they tackle in-group concerns are by taking on each other’s opinions and trying out everything by tweaking and modifying tracks and giving everything a chance. They possess an open-minded, positive and optimistic approach towards their ‘enjoyable’ musical venture.

Tony Stone has been the main face for their first two videos; however, Dumix and Rami B are open to featuring others in future videos. Planet Giza’s music videos are on YouTube along with their songs being on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud. With their journey just kick-starting, stay tuned for new music from Planet Giza, with summer coming up, they will supply you the feel-good songs you need on that chill evening you will share with your friends. 


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