Interview: The Manor

Words by Charles Odugbesan

Following the March release of their latest hit YOUNG SINATRA, 14HQ had the opportunity to speak to Johnny Dutch, one member from the trio known as The Manor. The South London group have a tonne of musical ability, blending their lyricism with high energy and a mix of genres and sounds that represent London culture. These are 10 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE MANOR!

So who are you guys then? Who are THE MANOR?

We’ve been together a long time now – I think since 2011. We were the fun lovers. We would turn up to parties, get the most drunk and then tell you all about it in the songs! We were willing to transfer that energy, plus the things we saw day in day out in our local area into the music. And we try to keep it as real as possible – we don’t glamorize or glorify anything.

I really like YOUNG SINATRA, the video is so creative. Who or what are you guys’ inspirations when it comes to music videos?

For Young Sinatra it was that old school Missy Elliot or Busta Rhymes, produced by Hype Williams type of video. In the song I have a bar about the Louvre and the Director came to me and said “I wanna shoot the video in an Art Gallery.” For each video we always try to do something different and make sure it stands out.

What’s the process like when you’re creating music?

Lots of arguments! There’s three passionate men in the room. But we always end up working it out. The challenge is always how can we fit these three strong personalities onto a song and make it work.

Will we be getting a new body of work soon? An album on the way?

Right now we’re in a position to drop something, we’ve got so much music that we’re sitting on… but the timing has to be right. We’re just waiting for that moment!

Name 3 things you cant live without…

Football or sport in general actually! Podcasts and Music

What is a piece of advice you’ve all been given that has stuck with you?

The first bit of advice that we got… when you’re starting out make music for your local area FIRST. If you can relate to and make people from your area feel proud enough to support you that’s a start. Make that initial connection!

You get to have any conversation with someone dead/alive? Who you got?

Puff Daddy. Someone in music that as a black man I’ve looked up to musically and has inspired me.

Your dream collaboration…

I’d love to do an anthemic, festival type track with Liam Gallagher.

Your dream gig?

Wembley. No The Emirates! Three nights at The Emirates. But ideally you’d want your dream gig not only to be seen by 50/60 thousand but for it to be big enough to be streamed or on television.

Finally, you guys have a sold out show at 02 Academy Brixton on August 1st. What can we expect?

The show might be on Saturday night but the party don’t stop till Monday morning! There’s going to be a festival vibe in Brixton. A big celebration!

Keep your eyes out for new music from The Manor and keep up to date with them here.


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