An Interview with Trevor Daniel

Words by Tamay Nehir
Photography by Jakub Libicki

Originally from Houston Texas, Trevor Daniel talks jet-lag, music and what he would class as his biggest success so far. Now 25, Trevor is a wholehearted singer-songwriter who also co-produces. Just two years after being signed to Alamo Records, Trevor Daniel has over 25 million listeners. Currently ranking 71st in the world on Spotify, a remix of his song Falling has just been released last Friday featuring R&B starlet Summer Walker. 

Tweeting “london is dope”, the Tik-Tok phenomenon tells us that it’s actually his first time flying out of the US and says, “I like it a lot, it’s been sleepy though because of the jet-lag and weather, but I like it a lot. Oh, and the buildings are really pretty here”. Trevor has always been into music but explains that he naturally gravitated towards pursuing it more and more as he grew up. 

“I kind of  wanted to do it my whole life. When I was really young I wanted to be a fire-fighter but then I wanted to play American Football and do music at the same time, eventually it just became all music”.

Having explained that he feels most comfortable making music at home, Trevor also thrives in a studio environment. “Luckily I’m obsessed with this shit, I’ll go days without sleeping, I work better when I get a lot of ideas out at once”.

His impressive work ethic comes effortlessly as he tells us, “I’ll make 4-5 songs in one session because that’s just how I work, it also helps that I write and produce because I can get all these ideas out. This is really all I like to do. I don’t really wanna do anything else”.

Although Trevor seems to only be on his way up, he enlightens us on obstacles that he has already faced as an artist who is new to the music industry. For example, he hates flying. “I’m like a germaphobe so flying it’s like – shit, there’s the coronavirus”. Or video-shooting. Trevor and his crew had three videos filmed, “I didn’t like any of them, they seemed so overdone, except the one that I released for Falling.It feels like a movie, that’s what I wanted.”

Trevor Daniel stays strikingly humble about his successes. The bedroom musician has only just begun his journey as a recognised singer-songwriter. When being asked how it feels to be ranked 71ston Spotify he says “it’s weird, it doesn’t feel like it”. 

Follow Trevor Daniel on Instagram and listen to the Falling remix featuring Summer Walker here.


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