Bay Blanco – Easy Level Review

Words by Charles Odugbesan

In times of social unrest and uncertainty across the globe, there is one thing we can take comfort from – that music will always remain a constant and an adequate sanctuary of solace. Following on from previous collaborative efforts with Lago$ City Trapstar (2018) and With Love, Blanco (2019), the producer artist combination of LO and Bay Blanco look to close out 2020 in a strong way with their newest creation; Easy Level

Plug in your speakers, turn your headphones up and jump in the Rari Coupe with Blanco as he and LO embark on a 35 minute joy ride through fast life, innovation and imagination, with San Bravura and Charmaine ‘LA in the back seat. With Easy Level, the pair constantly strive to carve their own musical path by pushing their boundaries as artists. Despite the suggestive title, the project is fast paced  and edgy, combining different mixes of vocality over a barrage of instrumentals. LO’s production on this project is far more multilayered and complex than their previous efforts in tandem. 

Easy Level serves as an abstract painting of sorts. It requires you to look at songs such as Rari Coupe, Lotto and Narcooo in more than one way. Blanco has always taken pride in his lyrical prowess and that notion is consistent with this project. In comparison to previous songs and projects, Blanco has never experimented as much with his use of vocal range, guttural effects and adlibs as he has with Easy Level. Never one to shy away from cross-continent inspiration or current affairs, listeners may be able to extract the hidden gems within the project. Take note of the drill influence of Lotto, a tip of the hat to Blanco’s North London ties. Or the social commentary of Narcooo as Blanco gives his two cents on the ongoing struggle with police brutality in Nigeria at the hands of SARS.

Easy Level feels like a new experiment. It feels like a bold dive into a musical pool of imagination to extract a new sound that challenges the conventional ways of piecing songs together. Blanco and LO strive to (and I believe) reach new heights as artists with these 11 tracks.

Above all, Easy Level is a clear demonstration of the blossoming relationship between Bay Blanco and producer LO bearing greater fruit. Everybody indulge and take a bite!

Easy Level is now available to stream on all musical platforms!


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