Bone Slim – Danse Macabre EP

Words and Photography by Verity Hayday

Danse Macabre is Bone Slim’s 3rd EP, the 7 track garage holy grail comes at the perfect time to wrap up summer. 

Bone Slim brings many features to his newest collection of music, we hear the likes fellow nine8collective member Nasty Nige, Ric Wilson, Lcytn, Subculture, Vinny Virgo,  St. illwell as well as teaming up with many producers such as Murrel, Robtheprod, Suryasen Kurisu, Luca Sloe and Aftermind. Bone Slim’s first release was in 2014 and later joined nine8collective, but his solo EP’s and singles have made him stand out as an independent artist. 

Danse Macabre opens with Let me Ride, produced by Murrel featuring Ric Wilson and Lcytn and the EP is lively throughout, ending on Out of the blue a favourite of mine. The Fusion of Bone Slim’s oscillating flow and Garage-House establishes the vibe for his newest piece of work as well as certifying his growth as an artist. As always his lyrics paint a picture of the artists, imagination, emotions, surroundings all encapsulating the battles of life that surround him. 

Stream Danse Macabre by Bone Slim HERE


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