Concert Review: Camelphat

Words By Finlay Bell

Electro giants Camelphat make Wembley dance all night

Camelphat are at the top of the dance game: their most recent show at OVO arena in Wembley only confirms this. The 12,500 capacity arena is one of the largest live venues in the country, and for 2 DJs born over 175 miles away from the nation’s capital to sell it out with ease is yet another example of Camelphat’s status as electronic titans – with exceptions even being made to extend the event until the early hours of the morning. Supported by the likes of Patrice Baumel and Heidi, bringing their signature grooves to the North West of London, the stage was set for one of the most exciting dance events of the year. 

A show of this calibre needed a fitting production to match, and it definitely delivered. Camelphat’s murky and distinctive bass lines that have seen them rise to prominence – most notably with their hit ‘Cola’ in 2017 that saw them break into the Top 20 of the UK official charts – were impeccably matched by the elite visual effects orchestrated within the venue. Eerie, yet ethereal visual projections painted the LED screens behind them; dilated pupils paired with circular lighting rigs, referencing the euphoria everyone in the crowd was experiencing. Similarly, befitting of their last EP release ‘Dark Matter’, the swirl of a black hole lingered over Camelphat to remind the crowd they were at the point of no return. Bursts of pyrotechnics frequented their set, seamlessly timed with the deep drops that had the arena booming. 

Outside the extravagant effects, the darkness of the arena outside of the effects really made the venue feel smaller than it was, which made everyone in the arena take in the music a bit more personally. Songs that we’ve come to know and love over the years rang out around the OVO, with their new single ‘Silenced’ receiving an inspired reception. This was an evening that really celebrated all things dance, and it was great to see all different ages and cultures dotted around the venue. This displays Camelphat’s true talent of bringing people together for the sake of music, a trait that sees them a mainstay in virtually any festival line up you look at today, and why we will see them around for many more years to come.


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