Concert Review: Still Shadey

Still Shadey brings everything Croydon to Village Underground 

Words By Finlay Bell

After postponing his opening shows, Still Shadey kicked off his Croydon Baby tour in the famous Village Underground in Shoreditch, his headline show. With his last project ‘To Kill a Caterpillar’ amassing over half a million streams since the release around 7 months ago, an eager crowd awaited the celebration of south London and Black culture. A selection of talented support acts including Proff and still Shadey’s own younger brother, Y Shadey, set the stage correctly before the headline came forth.

Just after 9 PM, Still Shadey came out to an inspired reception: the lowlights and gentle hum of the live band he’d so cleverly assembled on stage perfectly set the tone for his arrival on stage. 

Being his first headline show, and in his own words his ‘biggest show to date’, it was surprising to me to see how confident and assured he was as a performer. This was a performance that had eulogies, declarations, stories – all while bringing the heat that his fan base have come to know and love. This was a real professional and entertaining performance, something that a show of this magnitude at this stage in his career really needed. Guest appearances from Jo Joey, Melvillous, Condoseven amongst many others gave the crowd more reason to be as hyped as they already were.

The whole night had a sense of community to it that was inspiring, and I wasn’t the only one who felt this. Shadey admitted to us midway through his set that he planned to refer to the crowd as ‘London’, but opted for ‘family’ after he felt the energy the crowd were bringing. This atmosphere was represented in a much more beautiful way though. As I stood at the back of the venue taking the whole show in, I could see his family and friends in the booth just in front gleaming with pride as their boy put on this impressive show. For a venue in Shoreditch, this really did feel like a Croydon homecoming. 

It’s clear to see Shadey’s foundations are rooted in strong faith, great relationships and genuine talent – a recipe that can only see the young star elevate upwards from here. We are very excited to see what he brings to the table in the near future. As a final remark, please make sure to check out one of the wonderful causes that Still Shadey is getting behind at if you get the chance, a real testament to the character that this artist is.


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