Election Day 2020: As It Stands

Words by Ala Al-Jabouri

Of all the surprises that 2020 has brought us, perhaps most shocking of all – Liberals have finally
discovered that America is racist. I cannot wait to see what happens when they find out that the CIA
is not actually spreading democracy abroad.

What follows from this – in conjunction to 4 years of an outwardly racist and bigoted president – is
that this election (in popular rhetoric anyway), has been deemed the election that can ‘change it all’.
As was the case in 2016, the notion of a ‘lesser of two evils’ is evident once again. It should not be
taken lightly that Biden is a career politician and has undoubtedly played a part in the development
of the US as it stands today. Biden has quite the track record, spanning from criminal justice reforms
which disproportionality targeted black and minority ethnic communities, to support for
international interventions which have destroyed nations and sown chaos globally.

Despite America’s rich history of criminality and injustice, within this election period it has become
very common for liberals to paint the problems within America as symptoms of ‘Trump’s America’.
This is hugely problematic, as what follows from this line of logic is that the problems we are seeing
today (and which have been evident for decades) depart with Trump. I suspect that for some
demographics, who only through more recent waves of political and social unrest have achieved this
new-found ‘wokeness’, this is likely to be the case. Beyond campaign rhetoric, it cannot be forgotten
that if the democrats actually sought to challenge the status-quo, they would have endorsed Sanders – alas, they missed an open goal opportunity and played by their 2016 rules.

The pinnacle question here is whether maintaining a façade of an inclusive and socially just America
is more important than tangible change? Trump’s presidency, at the very least, has made certain
political and social realties – both national and international – strikingly clear to most audiences.

Perhaps this lack of ambiguity on America’s true nature that has been afforded by Trump’s
presidency is exactly the catalyst needed for real change. In any case, tensions will be high whatever the outcome, and given the precedent that 2020 has set thus far, it would not be surprising if the result is met with total chaos.


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