Hidden Games: Bloody Roar

Words by Jason Sewald

Fighting games have been a staple of video games since they have been around, with games like Tekken, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat being the undisputed kings of the genre. However, as with everything in video games, there is always one forgotten champion. That champion in question is Bloody Roar.

Bloody Roar is a fighting game franchise that started its humble beginnings way back in 1997. Created by Eighting and Hudson Soft, the two studios took on the enormous task of upsetting the fighting games industry by creating something that rivalled the big three at the time. And that’s what they did. Bloody Roar was a fresh new take on how 3D fighters were at the time. They did this by throwing in an animal morphing element which allowed the characters to change into their “spirit animal”.

Visually, the game pops with colours and style as one would expect of fighters from the 90s. The game has this playfulness about it. You can feel it in the gameplay; fighters are fluid, the button prompts translate very nicely as each punch and kick feel like they have a powerful impact on them. The animal transformations aka BEAST MODE still feel as exciting as they did back in the day.

Now here comes the tricky bit. Even though I would say this is an important game and deserves its place in history, the world has forgotten about this little gem so playing it is next to impossible on current consoles. The best place to play it is if you download an emulator (which is easy to do) but it does mean you would have to play it on a PC and you would lose some of the “magic”. However, despite that, it is still worth it and therefore this makes it my Hidden Game.


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