Hidden Gems: Abducted in Plain Sight

Words by Karan Teli

Have you ever watched a documentary and genuinely had no idea where the next twist was coming from? Questioning if what you are watching is even a documentary because the story cannot be real. Abducted in Plain Sight is exactly that. Based on the title, you’d anticipate that the twists are expected and easy to anticipate; but that couldn’t be more misleading. A story that involves infidelity, sexual abuse and ‘alien abductions’ is not one where you can anticipate the next turn. But it’s a story that grips you to the edge of your seat from the very first minute.

The Netflix documentary follows the life of a church going family, the Brobergs, and how their whole world was flipped upside down upon the arrival of a new neighbour; Robert Berchtold. As previously mentioned, the underlying storyline of the documentary features some dark and unsettling themes with regards to sexual abuse and child abduction; as 12 year old Jan Broberg is groomed, seduced and abducted by Robert. But this is only 15 minutes in to the documentary. There was still so much more of the madness to unravel.

Without spoiling too much, I found myself screaming at the TV multiple times asking myself ‘how?!?!’ – as seemingly the signs were all pointing to a child abduction by a perverted neighbour, as even Jan’s father Bob confesses to the camera at one point ‘I’m not sure how I missed the warning signs’ – you and me both Bob.

Abducted in Plain Sight is a true rollercoaster ride. Very rarely is the same child abducted by the same person more than once, and it’s even rarer that the disguise of an alien abduction on Earth is used as a manipulation tool towards a child, but within an hour and a half, as viewers we are exposed to all of these stories and so many more.

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