Hidden Gems: Atlanta

Words By Jason Sewald

Donald Glover is this generation’s renaissance man. With his writing, acting, singing, and rapping, it almost feels like there isn’t something that this man can’t do. However, nowhere has he flexed his genius quite like in Atlanta, which is this week’s Hidden Gem, so without further delay, let’s get into why.

Atlanta follows the story of Earn (Donald Glover), Al aka Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry), Darius ( LaKeith Stanfield) and Vanessa (Zazie Beetz). They try to navigate their lives as young black adults in Atlanta and all the implications that come with it. Paper Boi is an aspiring rapper. He manages to get a local hit that starts him on the road to becoming an international Rapstar with Earn acting as his manager, the both of them try to come to terms with what it means to enter the Music industry. With Darius and Vanessa along for the ride, the hijinks occur.

From the way it is described, you would think its a drama but its a comedy, which is where the genius lies. The self-deprecating sense of humour is what makes it so relatable and walks that line of “does that sh*t really happens to black people.”. An underrated aspect of the show is the music choices to convey what a character is feeling. Donald Glover and Hiro Murai (Director) made sure to keep the playlist very relevant to Atlanta, which gives the show a homegrown feel.

The show is fantastic to me as it is incredibly relatable and relevant to young black men and women. Whatever happens in the episode, I know one thing has happened to whether it’d be microaggressions such as profiling in shops, other black people and me. Atlanta has also been described as “Twin Peaks for rappers”, and it truly does feel like that because it is surreal at times while keeping it so very grounded within Rap and black culture elements.

Atlanta is the quintessential show that highlights the struggle black people face trying to enter the music scene and black life. The comedy of this show is what will keep you running back. Atlanta is currently available to stream on Disney+ and has 2 Seasons to sink your teeth into, so don’t delay it any further and get on this.


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