Hidden Gems: Community

Words by Jason Sewald

Ever wondered what a community college was like, the type of people that go to one? Well, Look no further as Community has the answer for you in our new Hidden Gem.

The criminally overlooked Community follows the story of our seven main characters Troy, Abed, Jeff, Annie, Britta, Shirley and Pierce, who go on about their days and adventures. As it is a sitcom, there isn’t an obvious driving narrative throughout the season however every little, so often you do see a storyline emerge which breaks from the comedy sometimes and can grab your attention by being candid and honest.

The show also features Actors who got their first “big break” and moved on to bigger and better things. Most notably Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, Alison Brie and the Russo Brothers. It’s a show which boasts heavy talents and some of today’s most prominent cultural figures.

What makes this show so good is because its satire is very sharp for the time and they were not afraid to experiment with the format of the show by giving us spoof episodes such as one where they are all G.I Joe characters as to poke fun at action cartoons of the late 80s. Another significant aspect is that the show could spoof current world events (for the time) in a tasteful manner where it never felt egregious or looking for some cheap laughs.

Lastly, Community came when Sitcoms changed from a more conventional setting where the producers would play a laugh track to signal a joke to a more organically flowing way to express themselves more and let the audience decide when to laugh. As previously mentioned, this show has been criminally overlooked as one of the best Sitcoms of the early 2010s, and I would urge anyone to watch this if they haven’t. 


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