Hidden Gems: Dark Waters

Words By Jacqueline Uzoigwe

I’m sure we have used every social platform to ask for movie and series recommendations during lockdown. This particular one came from my group chat with some friends who all said it is a must watch. Dark Waters follows an ever persistent and determined attorney who aims to unearth horrific secrets that he believes have led to countless deaths associated with one of the world largest corporations. 

With an outstanding cast featuring the likes of Anne Hathaway, Tim Robbins, Bill Pullman and The Hulk himself Mark Ruffalo as the lead, the film spills experience and talent. Ruffalo plays corporate defence lawyer Robert Bilott who has spent the past 25 years taking down a billion dollar corporation. Inspired and dramatized by true events the film sees Robert tackle, hate, abuse, divorce and a battle for his own life. 

Without revealing any spoilers Robert visits the farm of Wilbur Tennant, where he is told that 190 cows have died. The cause of death is what struck a nerve with both Tennant and Bilott, the cows suffered from blackened teeth, tumours, over stressed organs and more. Tennant attempts to convince Billot that these deaths are connected to the chemical manufacturing company DuPont, who ironically Bilott’s and his employer Taft Stettinius & Hollister actually represent. DuPont was West Virginia’s highest employer at the time, which only made the task of exposing this giant more problematic. 

Directed by Todd Haynes (Wonerstruck, Carol, Enlightened) and produced by Ruffalo himself, the legal thriller is a brilliant watch any day of the week. Ruffalo shows his grit in a dramatic role, while the importance  of Hathaway who plays wife Sarah Bariage cannot be diminished. 

Streaming in the UK on Amazon Prime, you can watch the trailer below. 


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