Hidden Gems: High Score

Words by Jason Sewald

Video Games are one of the most dominant forms of media that we see today, with games able to tell stories more engaging than what we see in movies today, and that’s what brought us here to our new Hidden Gem – High Score.

High Score is a documentary which follows the journey of gaming from its inception as a humble fad to a billion-dollar industry, with some of the biggest celebrities and corporations wanting a slice of the pie.  Now, what makes this show so interesting? It’s the fact that you get an insider perspective of the industries biggest innovators and minds. From SEGA to Nintendo, High Score covers gamings biggest icons in a way that does not alienate viewers who have no interest in gaming with it’s easy to follow visual pops keeping everyone engaged. 

What makes this documentary so good is the subject matter at hand. Everyone at a point in their lives has played a Super Mario or a Pacman, and the producers have used that fact to pull you into a rabbit hole without even realising it. As mentioned before another strength has to be the editing, High Score manages to keep everyone entertained by using retro style art to explain a story which makes it look like an interactive game rather than a dull face to face retelling of this.

The editing quality is very reminiscent of “The Last Dance” because The Last Dance also manages to walk the line of telling a story but doing in such a way where it feels more like a drama rather than a documentary. To me, that’s always a mark of excellence as both shows do not FEEL like your standard information drivel. 

Lastly, High Score is a show that can be enjoyed by anyone of all ages with its engaging visuals and fascinating tales and facts of the video game industry it is something that will get you through the last hurdle of 2020. Highscore is currently on Netflix which makes it easily accessible, and even more, binge-able so do yourselves a favour and jump on this.


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