Hidden Gems: Kevin Can F***k Himself

Words by Jason Sewald

I’m a man of simple taste. When watching films, shows, and anime, I look for one thing above all: Visuals. Kevin Can F**k Himself gives me just that.

The Story follows Kevin, his wife Allison and his daily life with his friends and family. The show is filmed in a traditional sitcom way, such as Kings and Queens or Family Matters, and just like the sitcoms, Kevin gets into various shenanigans as one would expect. However, there is a twist whenever Kevin leaves the scene, and we are left with his wife…

And here is the twist, once Kevin leaves a scene, the whole show changes from a Sitcom style show with saturated and bright colours to a cold, hard and gritty drama. What this tells us is that from episode one, the show we were seeing is how Kevin views his world, which is all laughs and giggles and once the focus is on his wife Allison, she sees the reality Kevin’s actions have put her through, and it is portrayed for what it is, abuse.

This is what I mean about visuals, being able to tell a narrative just by switching up perspectives or colour grading or even using different camera lenses, which this show does beautifully. I have avoided spoiling anything about the show because I wanted to highlight that its visuals show us that all the classic sitcoms, in hindsight, are lowkey messed up if you think about it. Think Ross from Friends; in the show, he’s excellent and funny, but no one would be friends with him in real life cause what he does is insane, and Kevin Can F**ck Himself explores that train of thought in full detail.

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a strong recommendation if you have any interest in visual storytelling and quite frankly not talked about enough, so this is why it’s a Hidden Gem for me. The show is only on Apple TV, so if you don’t have a subscription, it’s time to grab one.


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