Hidden Gems: White House Farm

Words by Karan Teli

The ITV drama, now streaming on Netflix, tells the true story of the White House Farm murders which took place in Essex, back in August 1985.

The tragic murders left 5 family members shot dead in their manor. Initially, the police assumed it was a murder-suicide committed by the daughter, Shiela Bamber, after they were alerted to the scene by her brother. He claims to have received a call from his father, where he warns him in a panic that his sister has “gone crazy”.

What ensues, without giving away anything to those who may be unfamiliar with the story, is a deep web that unravels throughout each episode, with more twists, turns and questions unanswered…until boiling point. Every great show has that boiling point.

That point in the series where you say to yourself, as a viewer… this s**t just got real. It’s the anticipation White House Farm builds, and while secrets and plot twists begin to unravel without being predictable, the show remains a stable in my head of a great 1 and done series that I’m happy to have stumbled upon.


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