Who is IGOR?

Words by Karan Teli

“It’s like I didn’t even make this album. That’s how much of a fan of it I am.” That’s what Tyler, The Creator told Zane Lowe on the eve of the release of his latest album; IGOR. 

Much like many of his previous albums, Tyler channelled a different personality and character within himself to create IGOR. Hell, he even took to Twitter to basically announce that the personality was called IGOR. A vastly different person than the angry ‘boy becoming a man’ that created Goblin and Bastard, different from the artist who reached a point where he could make what he wanted to that creates Cherry Bomb, and different from Tyler’s most vulnerable character yet; the one who created his last album, Flower Boy. There are times on Flower Boy where you can’t even believe that he’s the same man that created songs like Bastard, French and VCR. But you shouldn’t be surprised, because he’s grown right in front of our eyes. 

And that growth reached a whole new level with IGOR. Firstly, the album isn’t packed with anywhere near as many features and guest vocals as some of his previous albums, including Flower Boy. IGOR, whoever he really is, is extremely vulnerable and emotional. 

But IGOR’s music is also some of Tyler’s most aesthetically pleasing, easy to listen to and just downright beautiful at times. Songs like RUNNIN OUT OF TIME, PUPPET,  I THINK AND EARFQUAKE are some of Tyler’s most melodic songs to date – a far cry from his early work. 

But then, his vocals, along with the production on songs like NEW MAGIC WAND and WHAT’S GOOD could have easily been throwbacks from the Bastard and Goblin recording sessions. 

And then it dawned on me; that’s exactly who IGOR is. It’s Tyler the Creator being Tyler the Creator. We’ve seen different stages of Tyler through his music over the years. But when he channels all of these characters into one project, it somehow works. It’s not a mess of 12 songs that have no cohesion or flow, and have no business being on the same body of work. It’s the opposite, they work perfectly together. Because at the end of the day, IGOR is just Tyler being Tyler. Which is what we all loved him and the entirety of Odd Future for in the first place. 


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