Words by Brinsley Chidavaenzi

How can a collective make such a defined impact across music in only 5 years? Ask BROCKHAMPTON, they figured it out.

By distilling all their influences and reference points and externalising them into something new and transcendent. It takes a lot of ingenuity and bonds to have staying power as a group (I mean they did say they’re the best boyband since One Direction).

Being able to joyride genres well is one thing but being able to weave in and out of them and make songs that have universal appeal with a unique flair is another. They were able to speak to a youth who saw the world in a similar way – across race, across geographical lines, identity, social status in society and more.

Whereas what preceded them broke ground, BROCKHAMPTON took the baton of the past and ran a victory lap with that same baton. Ballads, boyband vocal meshing, big pop melodies, soul bearing raps, experimental production were all ideas that could exist in the same space. They have the technicality of delivering hard raps across a posse cut (WINDOWS) which would make the ghost of Wu Tang’s ‘Triumph’ smile, with melodies that embody Y2K pop (such as COUNT ON ME, SUGAR) without that being jarring.  

How they all balanced this along with subject matter that would be deeply confessional, life affirming and lighthearted all in the same breath evokes memories of all the greats before them and across musical history. This ultimately speaks in the generation of their prominence and where their love can be felt most strongly. Somewhere in the millennial / Gen Z overlap but with the maturity and strong songwriting of a hip hop purist; leaving their music to have enjoyability for many demographics beyond their origin point.

The very nature of groups are a liminal and fleeting alignment which can disappear just as quickly as a group appears. Members interest changes, people’s enthusiasm and heart changes over time causing a spark to wither out. They left a hefty catalogue of music with 6 official releases and songs that exist in different forms. The space BROCKHAMPTON occupies and leaves behind – leaves the world in a sunnier position with the future of collectives to experiment, innovate and express their hearts out. At the essential core, a group is a shredding of ego between people towards a purpose greater than themselves and BROCKHAMPTON did exemplary in this arena.

We gave BROCKHAMPTON our trust and they gave us forward thinking music and a heck of a legacy defining the late 2010’s and early 2020’s. The future is brighter and that’s because BROCKHAMPTON left a beautiful rainbow. 


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