Interview: Danny Sanchez

Words and Photography by Verity Hayday

South London based Rapper, Singer and aspiring entrepreneur speaks on his introduction to the music scene and passion for the arts. 

Tell me about your introduction into music, did you come from a musical background? 

“Not at all, I think I’m the only person from each of my parents’ side. I grew up on a lot of South American music from my mom’s side, you know the CD’s in the car. I just always loved to sing.” 

Would you say that’s where you got your singing style from? 

“Maybe, I’m quite expressive with it so I guess it’s the salsa background.”

How did you get into actually making music? 

“I’ll be honest,  Ed Sheeran – A Team. I picked up the guitar the next day and I taught myself that tune. I was kind of on that singer songwriter flex but I just learned a few covers.”

Danny’s introduction to becoming a musician began at 14, when he would make acoustic covers of songs, later leading to making tracks with his friends as a way to pass time. It began to be obvious that he had a gifted voice which his peers pointed out, convincing him to include more more vocals in his raps. When he realised he could do both, his style merged from Boom Bap to RnB. 


Back then singing wasn’t so much of a thing, everything was lofi and BoomBap, the singing wasn’t really a thing. But I think a lot of rappers are just more open to it. Focus on your craft and something you can perfect rather than something that just isn’t you. 

Who were you listening to when you first started making music, compared to now? 

“I am not always finding new music, It’s more therapeutic for me. Earl sweatshirt, Chum, that tune had a huge impact on me because it was so personal and brutally honest. Purple rain by Pop of paper is so real and made me realise if there’s a road I’m going down it’ll be the one where i’m writing my family things that really speak to people. It just felt natural to emulate on that kind of style. As for now, Iamdbb and Brent Fiyaz are mad influential.”

Danny’s genreless style has made his sound stand out in the London scene. The importance of being genreless and free in making music for sake of simply making music is a clear priority of his. 

How do you feel about performing? 

“I got blessed with doing a lot of lineups, I’ve done a few PA sets before Covid. I performed in Copenhagen with Dosampo back in October with a full band, it really made my look on making music change. I want to find a band and go from there. People were coming up to me and telling me how much my music spoke to them and I was in a different country, it was mad!”    


What’s your process of making music now? 

“Big up Kxmel, if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. His attention to detail and commitment to what we’re doing, he’s become my right hand man. To have someone that you’re both consistently pushing each other is so important. I’m still open to work with other producers.”

Danny and Kxmel the first collabed on tracks such as Potter Payper, Dosampu and Dangerous together and later releasing the well received track, Hold Up currently on over 400,00 plays on Spotify with fellow London rapper Ashbeck. They later realised Dangerous which is currently sitting on over 250,000. Danny explained how social media has played a huge part in one of his tracks’ success. 

The artwork for Hold Up was featured on a tiktok, you don’t even hear the track and it went from 1.5k streams (per day) to 8.5k streams in a day.  It’s crazy how it can blow from something so random.

Are you big on using social media? 

“As much as you want to just realise good music, people want to see an image. I just want to be myself online and I’d never go out of my way to be big on socials. I think it’s so stupid to even look at what other people are doing, you can’t judge success from followers. You can make money from it but for me as a musician god knows I’d rather see however many numbers in streams than followers.”

Look out for Danny Sanchez’s Ep Love is Long on all major streaming platforms.


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