Interview: Grace Davies

Words by Finlay Bell

At 24 years of age, Grace Davies has a special power to make listeners feel something, this is evident. In her short musical career, she has managed to resonate with viewers on shows like Love Island, with her rendition of the Goo Goo Dolls classic song “Iris” being on the finale of the show last year. With this cover finally being released, I had the pleasure of interviewing her to see her opinions on her music, her fans and a whole host of other topics in this exclusive interview

When asked what it was like tapping into such a classic, Grace relayed that it was “quite refreshing to do a cover” but the release was all a bit “accidental”. She explained that it was a “one-take demo to pitch to Love Island” that would be re-recorded if they liked the idea, however, she continued, “they ended up just using that version in the finale, and people online loved it”. She further explained that it was “a nice way of releasing” – there “wasn’t too much pressure” and it was received very well, retorting that in the end she was just “glad that hardcore Goo Goo Dolls fans loved it!”

In addition to “Iris”, Grace mentioned that “there is a LOT more music coming this year”. She added that she’s excited to get back doing what she does best, carrying on sessions producing music that she loves, adding “I can’t wait for everyone to hear what I’ve got planned.”

From here, I asked what it was like to see 1.3 million listeners tuning in to her work over the last year on Spotify. “I never thought that many people would hear me” Grace responded. She noted that with Spotfiy’s “New Music Friday & New Pop UK”, it made it possible for people around the globe to hear her music, a sentiment that Grace described as “mental”. 

We delved into her musical past, as we discussed her Instagram chronicles of her recording, writing and performing. “I’ve just been winging it really!” she explained jokingly. Grace had said that she never had a background in musical theory, but through teaching herself production during lockdown and making her own studio to create music, she added that it was “amazing to have your in all pies when it comes to creating music”. 

When asked about where she thinks her career will be when it’s all said and done, Grace remained humble; “It’s such a tough and competitive industry, especially when you’re “aiming for the top” and that’s never been something I’ve strived for. I’ve only ever wanted to play music live to people who genuinely want to be there to see me and be happy releasing it”. She furthered her view of being open to whatever comes – “I have no expectations which is why it’s always a lovely surprise when something good happens – so I’m always aiming to just enjoy it while it lasts and never take it for granted”, solidifying that she is indeed a genuine person along with being a genuine talent.

Only just on the rise after a stellar career so far, it is exciting to see such a young and authentic talent with such a bright future ahead of her. Musical mastery, songwriting skills and a dedication to her craft; Grace Davies has all the components to become everything she desires in her career, which could mean you see a lot more from her. Make sure you keep up with her moves from here on in…


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