Interview: Strick

Words by Abolaji Oshun
Photography by Karan Teli

For many of us, our introduction to Strick likely would have been on the Slime Language 2 album. Strick is a rising YSL artist who effortlessly impressed on his sophomore Slime Language showing, contributing two hits: WokStar and Moon Man. WokStar features London’s icon Skepta and is a darker trap cut while Moon Man features hip hop giants Young Thug and Kid Cudi and demonstrates his smooth, ethereal qualities.

The Platinum songwriter and rap extraordinaire had been in London for the week and we had the pleasure of speaking to the North Carolina native at the Sneakersnstuff store in Shoreditch after his standout performance of a few songs at the store. Both visually and sonically, Strick contains all the hallmarks of your typical YSL artist. His commitment and alliance to the Slime family are made abundantly clear. As he introduces himself to the SneakersnStuff audience in Shoreditch, he utters and echoes the tagline “shlatt!” repeatedly. Strick is adorned in an all-black silhouette befitting of a superstar artist as he sports striking leather pants, boots, and black shades.

How do you feel like growing up in North Carolina established your work ethic and your artistry?

Growing up in North Carolina, it’s really humble beginnings. I’m from a really small town so it taught me that hard work takes you where you wanna go. So does being humble, treating everybody like a person. But I moved around a lot. I graduated college and joined the Air Force and I was stationed in Las Vegas at an Air Force base and after that I moved to Atlanta and that’s where I linked up with Slime and them.

As a platinum songwriter, how do you think your previous career in songwriting has prepared or hindered your solo career?

I think my songwriting career helped prepare my career. I was working with high calibre artists already, which kinda just got me ready to be an artist myself. I think it’s working out. I think I’m starting to hop into a wave of my own and I really appreciate everyone that’s supported my career.

How do you think joining YSL has impacted your career and what’s changed since you’ve joined YSL?

YSL is like family. It was already a family-oriented type situation for me, so it wasn’t like when I got signed things really changed. As for my life, things changed, obviously, as I got the contract I’m getting more exposure and everything’s official, but YSL is a family to me those are my brothers and those are my sisters so for me we’re doing this together. I was actually just talking to Gunna about it last night, like we’re doing it together, so that’s the thing that’s changed. I really have a close group of people to be with and really want me to take my career to the next level.

I think a lot of people would have been introduced to you on the new YSL album. WokStar is featuring Skepta, how did the song come about?

See I met Skepta in 2019, when I first came out to London and he was just cool as fuck. That’s my boy. We did a couple songs, then we just never got to release them, so right before Slime Language 2 and my album we locked in again and WokStar was one of the ones.

Are there any other London artists that you fuck with?

Hell yeah. Lancey Foux that’s my boy. M Huncho just did some crazy shit too. There are people out here going crazy. In London, there are so many new artists popping up and going crazy. That’s another reason I wanna be out here in London and work with people.

Stream Strick’s debut album STRICKLAND, and follow him on Instagram here


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