Interview: Z Dot

Words by Tamay Nehir

Recently having released his song “Demons” featuring Stealth and Suspect and Eyez’s Bars EP, we get to know a bit more about legendary producer Z Dot and how he’s been combatting restrictions brought on by Covid-19 alongside his plans for 2021. Respected producer Z Dot has been in the game for over 10 years. Becoming successful in the UK’s grime/rap music scene at the age of only 17, he continues to make his mark within the music industry. He has worked with artists like Stormzy, Wiley and Lady Leshurr and has had tracks featured on FIFA and even in a Tom Ford campaign with his song, “Just Desserts” featuring Charli XCX.

Coming from West-London, Z Dot’s love for music began at a young age. He played the drums and can describe himself now as “the man” when it comes to playing them. His teachers at school noticed his talents for music when he was just 13 and allowed him to skip classes like History and Spanish in order to take extra music lessons where he began learning how to produce.

By 14, Z Dot says “I was recording sessions in my bedroom studio” and by 17, he started working with names like Devlin and Ghetts in East London. “I knew I had to get out of West London and branch out to other places, I knew I had to start working on a bigger level”.

Conditioned to his work environment from early on, Z Dot takes pride in hard work says that “first impressions count”. Unarguably cliché, Z Dot explains that “if you show up to studio late and you haven’t let me know, I already know what kind of person I’m working with”. When thinking of advice to give any producer who follows in his footsteps, he reminds artists to “develop and master your sound before you approach MC’s or rappers… it’s not going to happen overnight”. Mindful of his work ethic, we asked Z Dot what he’s been doing to keep busy since the pandemic hit. Well, not only has Z Dot continued making music, releasing singles and working with new artists, he has also hosted over 200 online classes. He says, “I was home for a few weeks and I was thinking, what could I be doing that benefits me and helps other people”.

Acknowledging that “there is going to be another young Z Dot out there who will take over my generation of music”, Z Dot enjoys meeting and listening to other people’s work, giving them feedback and offering (a few) the potential to collab. Z Dot plans to continue offering this service due to the benefit it has on aspiring musicians as well as admitting to making great links through online networking. This year, Z Dot has plans to do “huge things” as we await the release of his album
“No More Games” in the next few months as well as “singles leading up to that”.

To stay tuned with new music from Z Dot follow him on IG @zdotproductions.


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