Is Fortnite the Drake of Video Games?

Words by Jason Sewald

In 2018 the world got taken by storm by Fortnite and in 2018 Epic Games reported that they managed to make a 3 billion dollars (yes you read that correctly). Whether you love it or hate it everyone was talking about it, and it beat Red Dead Redemption 2 for best game of the year at the 2018 Golden Joystick Awards. Now, this is where the Drake analogy comes in, because just like Fortnite, whether you love or hate him he is always on people’s mouths and topping charts with his music. If you’re not convinced, hopefully I can change your mind on Fortnite being the Drake of video games.

My first argument for my case is the obvious bandwagon-ing and the blatant copying of dances and trends within the game. Much like Drake, Fortnite loves jumping on a current hype whether it’s the popular cybergoth dance or the floss, Fortnite incorporated those dances flawlessly up to the point where everyone and their Nan is still doing it and are getting sued because of it – but we will get to that later.

Another one is Fortnite’s constant updates to keep relevancy, just like Drake. Both the game and him tend to reinvent themselves often whether it is the Thanos update or the infinity blade. For better or worse, Fortnite keeps constant updates to keep the game feeling fresh, hence the new seasons and skins which come out. What I will say though, is that this comparison is probably unfair because for a multiplayer game (especially free multiplayer games) new updates are needed to keep its player base from leaving and jumping on something else.

Lastly, it’s the constant news coverage and controversy that both receive. As mentioned before, Epic Games is currently in a legal battle with Alfonso Ribeiro because he claims they stole his dance, which they did to be fair, wherever you stand on this issue the fact that the game’s popularity has gotten so big that they are getting sued for it is testament to its effects. Another reason which has Fortnite catching unwanted attention is that right-wing news channels and irrational parents have called for the game to be banned because it makes children dumber and addicted, but that just complete bull and you should read my “School Shootings, Video Games and Trump“ (shameless self-plug) more on why it is complete bull. However, again this is another huge comparison to Drake because he has his fair share of controversy too, such as the ghost-writing scandal or hiding his son, but as Oscar Wilde has said “all publicity is good publicity, as long as they spell your name right.”

This is pretty much it from me and again I hope I’ve managed to convince you that Fortnite and Drake share a lot of similarity and if Epic Games play their cards as well as they have been up till now they could be around just as long as the man from the 6.


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