Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer Tour was a night of female empowerment

Words by Shanice Jones
Photography by Karan Teli

Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer concert was one of the best performances of 2019. The visuals at the concert was spectacular, where she had hues of red violet and pink, demonstrated in her music and set. Her speedy clothing changes added to the aesthetics of the show, highlighting the different songs and the different theme. The band she used for her show were all black females, giving a sense of empowerment to her music, which encompasses the idea of ‘highly-melanated’ female.

The rap section in Django felt powerful because of the punctuated words. The female dancers gave so much of the energy during the show, allowing the crowd to dance with them. Towards the end of the concert, she entered into the crowd, where they went crazy trying to be close to Janelle, bringing the fan experience to a different level. The venue captivated the essence of Janelle, everyone getting up to dance with her and the music that made you feel so good, captivating our eyes!

She got everyone to dance with her, bringing 3 special people on stage ‘who have the juice’, then, it was revealed that Lupita N’yongo was in the crowd, and came out to show ‘her juice’ in front of everyone with Janelle. At the end of the concert, she gave a speech asking to support the disadvantage, and ended with ‘we must impeach Donald Trump’.

Presenting her presence and power in the venue, Janelle created an essence of awe, which everyone became silent to listen to the speech. Janelle Monae went through some of her old songs, such as Primetime and Electric Lady, and even older hit songs such as Yoga and I Like That. I Got The Juice made everyone get up and dance, to show that you have the Juice. The concert was overall one of my best experiences to date.


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