Jevon headlines Dingwalls – but he’s only getting started

Words and Photography by Verity Hayday

Born and raised in Mozart, West London, Rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Jevon, has transformed his gift of Musical talent into a path to success in the music industry, and even at 24 his name is growing around the world.

Since 2017 he had released tracks such as Do the Road, Redemption and Paranoia, but these were just an introduction to his 2019 EP Spirits and Chaos. Jevon wasn’t initially introduced to the music scene through his own music; Rapper Nines’s album One Foot Out featured production from Jevon, gaining him recognition as lead producer on New Gen, XL recordings’ UK rap compilation. Jevon’s unique sound reflects the diversity of today’s music and the ability of an artist to be independent when it comes to creating music. In the past, UK artist’s commonly choose to paths, pop or underground, both being beneficial but taking the artist into a different path. But Jevon is an example of an artist who has broken through that narrative, with dance tracks such as  Gone Till Next Summer to slow RnB like Bad Mood the diversity of each track proves that the old ways of the past have finished, with his music even reaching Japan when collaborating with Japanese artist Utada Hikaru. 

Venturing out of the studio and into the spotlight, his work traverses pop, hip-bounce and smooth R&B on what we’ve heard so far of his introduction EP, Judas, due this harvest time. Adding one more layer to procedures, he packed up and moved to his granddad’s country of Brazil this late spring to finish the entire thing off. Stand-apart tracks incorporate deep Redemption, the just-dropped Wagwarn, and Paranoia. The last is a dull confession booth that Jevon says “comes from layers of paranoia and the chain response that can cause. Paranoia in a relationship; endeavoring to facilitate that worry with smoking, which just includes another layer of suspicion.”

Fans have been able to see Jevon perform his hits from the latest album in his recent tour and his talent was put to show in November at the Dingwalls in Camden. The small venue was buzzing with his supporters, some even traveling from Coventry (where he spent some of his childhood) to see the artist in his element. Jevon’s presence on the stage held the audience’s attention whilst bringing a more intimate feel to the performance. Jevon’s presence on the stage made it clear he was there to entertain and captivate his audience. His ability to connect with the 100 plus audience made the room feel like a performance between friends yet his talent sold out a 500 people capacity venue. 

 Following on from the staggering “Falling”, 2020 is looking bright for the new artist. Instead of the enchanting smoothness of “Falling” – new track “Lights” pushes things solidly onto the dance-floor with a liquid blend of bars and singing as he helps us to remember his ability and the difficult work he’s placed in to get his profession to this level.


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