Kyd the Band goes deep on Season 2: Character Development

Words by Tamay Nehir

Kyd the Band has released his latest EP, “Season 2: Character
Development”. Now, being able to look over his shoulder at a past that has shaped him into the person and musician he is today, Guisande is able to share his solace in music with the rest of the world. Having grown-up learning to play the drums at aged 10 and making music with his brother in California, despite his Pentecostal Church upbringing where they were once forbidden to listen to secular music, Guisande has built his sound organically, based on natural musical instincts. Now based in Nashville with almost half a million followers on Spotify, Kyd the Band writes messages that relate directly to his life, with the hopes of reaching other kids, similar to what he was once like, “questioning what they were raised to believe”.

The first track on the EP begins with “Human”, a song that could make you question, what does it mean to be human? Catchy in its beat, the chorus is about ups and downs in relationships, ones that may have even seemed to be perfect its beginnings. Claps and kicks in the beat will lead you to an alternative, more conversational verse that then adds a real uniqueness to the song.

Following next comes “Easy”, featuring popular female-artist, Elley Duhe.
Acknowledging the hustles we all have to go through in life, the song has an
encouraging message, motivating you to “never go easy” and preserver to reach your dreams. Starting off the track with her distinct, cherubically resonant voice, she diverts the EP, twisting its direction a little by creating a more, electronic/pop sound. Next-up on the track list is “This Time Last Year”, which speeds up the EP’s overall tempo, both being songs that you could easily sing-a-long to.

“Dark Thoughts” is introduced with a more melodramatic beginning which then eases into an open and intimate, beautifully sung track with 80s vibe synth notes carrying the EP through to Kyd The Band’s newer releases “Heartbreak Anthem”. Featuring American rapper and DJ Gnash, it’s summery vibe is fitting for a bedroom daydream or link-up with friends in the park. Along with “Hard Feelings” that finishes off the EP, channelling childhood and adolescent experiences to create an exclusive collection of honed tracks that is directed at a diverse range of audiences.

With the music scene heavily disrupted by the global pandemic, it is unsure when Kyd the Band will be topping his latest achievements of a sold out hometown show, however, by giving him a listen via streaming services like Spotify/Apple Music and keeping in tabs on his next moves via Instagram, be sure not to miss what’s next on offer from such a promising realist and budding singer.

Listen to Season 2: Character Development HERE


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