Lava La Rue is the cool kid who is taking over

Words by Karan Teli

‘Creative’ and ‘Artist’ – two of the most overused words in society right now. With everywhere you turn people labelling themselves as creative and artists, what it means to really be these things is becoming increasingly overlooked these days. But, with that being said, Lava La Rue; the 21 year-old ‘MC and MUVA of NiNE8 Collective’ is one of the most creative and artistic young minds in London. 

Her incredibly catchy stage name is actually an anagram of her birth name (Ava Laurel) – that’s already creative and low-key genius. Move on to the fact that as a teenager, Lava La Rue, along with a few others she met at college, created their own DIY arts collective – NiNE8 Collective. The self declared ‘MUVA’ of the collective; Lava La Rue has her hands in all sectors. 

Let’s start with the music. Lava La Rue’s recently released EP Stiches shows of her skills as a rapper and songwriter, while the mellow, funk inspired production shows the skills of the people around her. Radio plays and features on high profile publications have all been well-deserved rewards for Lava La Rue in 2019. 

Then, when it comes to live shows, with Lava La Rue energy is everything – and you can see it rub off throughout the entire of NiNE8. Jumping in the crowd to mosh-pit with the fans and vibe off the energy they give. Lava La Rue encourages and empowers all the females to mosh and create energy with her – something that is usually male-dominated. (Tell Lava La Rue she can’t do something because she’s female and she’ll probably laugh in your face and do it better than you ever imagined). Anyway, the entire NiNE8 Collective know how to put on a show and energise a crowd… and look stylish while doing it.

Which brings us on to fashion. Have I even mentioned HAUS OF NiNE8 yet? Let me bring you up to speed. HAUS OF NiNE8 are the limited edition, DIY clothes created by Lava La Rue and NiNE8 collective. The clothes embody the culture that surrounds NiNE8 and everything they are surrounded and influenced by, which were recently displayed at London Fashion Week. A whole exhibition at London Fashion Week. This is what it means to be an artist and a creative. To not be boxed into one lane and to create something for you, that is going to last forever. 

A few months ago, 14HQ interviewed Lorenzo RSV, a member of NiNE8 Collective, and in interview he told us that Lava La Rue, who was 19 years old at the time, was his mentor and somebody who he looks up to. I see it now. 

Lava La Rue is one of the coolest young artists in London, and she is one who is coming to take over…and she’s bringing her whole team with her. 


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