Little Simz brings personal thoughts to light in emotionally raw EP ‘Drop 6’

Words by Rachel Onilude

Little Simz paints a wave of emotions, expressing her various inner thoughts she has been forced to face during lockdown. ‘Drop 6’ is a musically instrumental masterpiece mixed by London born rapper and actress Little Simz, who uses each track and contrasting melodies to tell a different story and evoke important life lessons. After showing her various forms of talent on the popular urban TV show ‘Top Boy’, and album ‘Grey Area’ in 2019, Simz decided to create a project ‘Drop 6’, which lyrically evokes truth. Emotionally unpeeling the detrimental day-to-day thoughts that she usually suppresses and dismisses.

Photography by Karan Teli

Might bang, might not’ features a fast-smooth tempo complimented with strong guitar and bass instrumental beat. Which perfectly fits the message of the song ““I am one-woman army”. Passionately sung, Little Simz represents the importance of being an independent woman, which is intensely intertwined with use of blazing sirens. Deeply showing the attention she yearns to bring to woman empowerment and how hard she works.

Biological hard-hitting ‘One life, might live’ contrasts her first song with a more personal acoustic feel. As you listen, it is almost like her voice is drowning into the instrumental. The soft guitar tempo whilst recalling her past relationships. Is well-suited to the sorrowful reality, she has been through. Through her experiences she has had to learn, the best love is self-love “no one love you like I love you, baby, note to self” which is a painful lesson a lot of us learn. Little Simz, effortlessly crafted the EP to flow like a stream of consciousness. ‘Damn right’ with the Japanese oriental vibe. The song shows Little Simz dreamy and authentic sound.  It recounts her trials and tribulations whilst growing up in London and how you learn to deal with your problems. Like, ‘You should call mum’ Little Simz’ address herself, vigorously embracing her Nigerian culture. Relatable and reflective, she asks questions which we have all struggled with during quarantine.

Photography by Karan Teli

Her final track, ‘Where’s my lighter?’ featuring Alewya is infatuated with her thoughts. Little Simz expressively narrates her various challenges: wanting to provide for her family, depression, procrastination, comparing herself to others.

‘Drop 6’ which invokes passion, independence, acceptance, and deep reflection. If you want to listen to an urban jazzy unique sound. ‘Drop 6’ is the most definitely the EP for you. Close your eyes and feel every lyric Little simz is rapping. I promise you after one listen, you will feel a heavy burden lifted as you  come to terms with your problems.


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