Mabes brings social-conscious anthems to Pop music on ‘Keeping The Noise Down’

Words by Tamay Nehir

Keeping the Noise Down’ is a sweet and smooth rendering by Essex born pop-artist Mabes, who uses the 4 song EP to reflect on the trials and tribulations she’s encountered during her life so far. After spending some time in Nashville last year, Mabes begun to craft her latest EP. After just one listen; it’s proven to be written impeccably, with lyrics she sings so poignantly. The heart-warming folk/Americana singer amiably presents four raw songs, all crafted to resonate with her own past experiences with social anxiety that’s intentions are to help others going through similar trials of life. 

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Emotionally raw, Mabes has introduced social-conscious lyrics to an over-saturated area of music as it is her mission to help people who feel how she once has. Co-written with songwriter and musician Jonny Lattimer, ‘Keeping the Noise Down’ features warm melodies with cascading guitar riffs that complement the tracks’ serenity and soft tempo. Voraciously sung, Mabes’ music video fits perfectly for the EP’s first track, which represents social anxiety at a house party; a familiar feeling to a lot of people.

Her second song, ‘Stuck in the Rain’ decelerates the tempo of the EP and narrates an idiosyncratic story of hope and fortitude. If you shut your eyes, you could imagine yourself on a cloud when listening to this song (or whole EP) and if you listen more deeply, you might be able to directly relate to Mabes and her emotion throughout. With 2000’s dream-pop vibes, the song is truly ambient, carrying the EP onto its next song, ‘Slow Drowning’. Crafted eloquently with a guitar-heavy beginning, ‘Slow Drowning’ recounts feelings of loss and living with the shadow of an old lover, not knowing how to cope. Relatable in its story, the song’s melancholy is balanced by Mabes’ luscious voice and anthemic sound. Her authenticity is what makes this EP unique and exudes her deep-thinking, caring temperament. If you aren’t already a ‘Mabie’ (Mabes’ fan club name), you might become one by the time you listen to this track. 

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Her final track and new single release, ‘Might as Well’, co-written and produced by Quarry, regards an eye-opening experience with cyber-bullying. By reflecting the pressures of social media platforms like Instagram, Mabes sings about her challenges with negative social media comments that have even made her want to try to be someone else.

If you’re looking for a fresh sound or music that you can emotionally connect with and relate to, have a listen to Mabes new EP, ‘Keeping the Noise Down’ and keep your eyes (and ears) pealed for what she next has in store.  

Listen to Keeping The Noise Down HERE


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