A night like no other at XOYO with Megan Thee Stallion

Words and Photos by Karan Teli

It’s ‘Wireless Week’ in London. Apart from the world famous festival taking place at the end of the week, some of the artists on the 2019 Line Up are also having headline shows throughout the week all over London, in what is proving to be an incredible week. To start things off on Monday 1st July (the perfect way to start the month) was one of the hottest rappers in the world right now – Megan Thee Stallion, and the first of two sold out shows at XOYO.  

While I know that Megan could easily do a bigger venue, I was excited because the intimacy of XOYO made me believe this was going to be a night to remember, and it didn’t disappoint. 

The night started off with a DJ set from Siobhan Bell. Everything from Travis Scott to Cardi B to Drake to City Girls rang through the speakers of Siobhan’s 2 hour set. I’ll be the first to admit, it got to a point where fans were getting restless and anxious. Chants of ‘we want Megan’ drowned out any music and pretty much became the music. 

But then, there she was – right on time, to save the day. Megan entered the venue and touched the staged immediately, I’m not sure she even knows where the dressing room is. Before playing even the first song, she announced to the crowd that only ‘bad and sexy bitches’ should be in attendance, to one of the biggest roars of the night. I think the crowd agreed with her. 

From there, she went on to perform her biggest hits, from Simon Says to Cash S**t to crowd favourite and closing song Big Ole Freak, which of course got an encore. 

Throughout the show, girls from the crowd were pulled up and invited on stage to battle and show off their best twerking skills with Megan – something I can truly say I’ve never seen before and made this one of the most unique, crazy and best concert experiences I’ve been apart of. 

Megan has created the reputation of being the ultimate ‘bad bitch’ and on stage at XOYO, with the crowd in the palm of her hand, hanging on every word and move she did, she really lived up to that name. 


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