Words by Charles Odugbesan

Talk about broadening your horizons! Funny that should be the case seeing as everybody in the world knows about PornHub right? Adolescents; single adults; and the ones in relationships… even your dirty old grandad has tuned into the website at some point, conflicted after a massive web browse, as to which of the videos they’ve memorised to start a session with.

Now sex (if you’re lucky enough) is a part of everyday life and holds great significance in all different aspects of it; be it relationships and/or marriage, religion, Freshers Week, Ayia Napa with the boys or, in this case in particular, popular culture. And why wouldn’t it be? In the digital age we live in today where imagery is paramount, there are few flourishing industries that boast imagery as risqué as pornography… unless you shoot music videos in Atlanta strip clubs, Burlesque houses etc etc.

Recently PornHub have been thinking outside of the norm, offering fresh ideas and pushing their creative boundaries beyond the famous website, building even more notoriety. Let’s look at 3 ways they have done this.

For just over a year the star of a generation, Asa Akira, has become the voice of a new generation. The retired, married, new mother and now brand ambassador for the site created the PornHub Podcast inviting friends on to the show to give a clearer insight into their own personal lives and of the adult industry and all it entails. Elsewhere, she has become a real example of somebody whose career since porn has blossomed, emerging herself in a string of different business ventures and social studies. She also had a few legendary scenes! The PornHub podcast is available on SoundCloud and other streaming sites.

PornHub sought out some serious star power to draw eyes on their first ever award show hosted on 7th of September by Asa Akira. Rapper, Producer, Mogul and Kardashian victim Kanye West was the man selected to be the Creative Director from the show and of course, Yeezy could not resist adding his own merchandise to the itinerary. His ‘PornHub Capsule Collection’ of tees and jumpers includes adult actresses Riley Reid, Abella Danger, Lena Paul, Kendra Sunderland and Mia Malkova. I wonder how many of you know all those names. Elsewhere, Grammy Winner Cardi B was also invited to headline the show. Must’ve been a sweet little paycheck!

Last week we all celebrated Valentine’s Day. Whilst the procedure of the day for most of us was traditional, PornHub sprung a surprise. No not a brand new category… an album drop! For the first time in Porn History! A 6 song collaboration that features Blac Chyna, PnB Rock, Lil Xan and Asian Doll. As unexpected as this may have seemed at the time, sex has always been something so synonymous Hip-Hop culture that it’s almost a surprise something like this didn’t happen sooner!

Hats off to PornHub then! Of course, the adult industry will always carry negative stigmas with it. But the ability for those in the industry to show REAL diversity through creativity and offer opportunities outside the regular line of work is somewhat admirable. 


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