RassTokyo – Home Alone

Words by Charles Odugbesan

Whilst everybody is indoors and perhaps more immersed in the online world than ever, you’d think now would be a perfect opportunity for all manner of artists and creators to seize the moment and provide for a highly sensitive audience.

Rasstokyo has answered that call. As we enter a new month, the South East London musician gifts us a brand new tape; HOME ALONE, keeping the momentum going from the mid December release of his previous tape DARK WHITE.

They say good things come in small packages and that applies here. HOME ALONE gives us a quick helping of 3 brand new tracks to keep us ticking over during the lockdown. All 3 tracks offer different feels too! Tokyo displays a softer side and delivers one of the ladies, showing off his singing ability on track 1, NIGHT LOVE. To cap off this love song he drafts in HMyna whose delicate, lullaby vocals smoothly drift the listener out of the song and into track 2, OH NO. Here he teams up with parter in crime Lash Vanegro to give us that familiar sound. Both artists are adept at illustrating their growth, taking it back to ‘the struggle’ with scenarios and terminology that a young Londoner raised in a similar household will recognise all too well. And finally, Rasstokyo stands alone in the final track, HOME ALONE FREESTYLE, using the final two and a half minute to reflect on current times and offer his take on subjects ranging from self isolation to potential government conspiracy. I would describe that final song as food for thought.

No excuses in this lockdown people! HOME ALONE is available on all streaming sites. Be sure to check it out!


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