Review: Crystal Murray – Twisted Bases

Words by Tamay Nehir

Reaching new heights, 20 year-old music artist Crystal Murray has just released her new EP: “Twisted Bases”. The EP is versatile to say the least, and charts an array of songs that take you on an eclectic journey, one that is powerful from start to finish. It is evident that Crystal is not confined to genres when it comes to making her music. Listening to this unique drop, you’ll hear a musical mesh between R&B and pop-electronic dance beats along with feature tracks with Thee Dain, Le Diouck and Zelooperz that add extra layers to the EP. 

It seems as though Murray has elevated herself as an artist, using her singing skills that she has showcased in her earlier releases like “After Ten” and “Princess” and combined this with the art of self-expression and story-telling. Check out Murray’s single release and first song on the EP; “BOSS” premiered by A Color’s Show and you’ll see what I mean… she oozes in confidence, one that is in her art as well as in herself. The track is a great introduction to the EP, it starts off slow and sets the tone for what is about to come. It also solidifies Crystal Murray’s influences that stem from R&B artist of the 00’s, Kelis who is best known for her single – Milkshake. 

It’s bold and it’s experimental and may not be everyone’s cup of tea however this EP offers such a wide range unruly of tracks that, correct me if I’m wrong, offers something to everyone. My personal favourite is “Other Men” featuring Le Diouck, a song that showcases her beautifully soulful voice that is able to entrance your mind.

Another song on the EP, “Hot Mess” – a party track that makes you want to move. Crystal Murray has concocted several clever combinations when it comes to collating her music which makes me wonder… what’s next to come?

It’s fun, it’s flirty and it’s time to tune in now. Check “Twisted Bases” by Crystal Murray here:


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