Diadora x Rick and Morty collaborate for spaced themed capsule collection

Words and Photos by Karan Teli

Now, I’ll be the first to say that against sportswear brands like Nike and Adidas, and even the likes of Puma and Reebok, Diadora is not the most sought after brand. But, with their latest Footlocker exclusive collection, they may have hit the jackpot.

The brand collaborated on a bright, colourful and outlandish collection with one of Netflix’s most popular shows – Rick and Morty. The intergalactic themed collection features everything from T-Shirts to shoes to full tracksuits. Rick and Morty’s faces are subtly featured throughout the collection, either on the back of shoes or on the side of the tracksuits. Diadora have succeeded in the making the collection really seem like a collaboration between themselves and the Adult Swim TV show, rather than Rick and Morty fan merchandise.

Purple T-Shirts, jumpers and tracksuits with space themed graphics are a highlight of the collection, but the trainers, coming in either a purple, yellow or white colour way are definitely the stand out pieces of the collection. The collection merges the sportswear aesthetic of Diadora but stays true to what Rick and Morty is all about with the intergalactic themed and colourful pieces.

The collection is currently a footlocker exclusive, with prices ranging from around £35 for T-Shirts and up to £105 for specific trainers, with tracksuits and jumpers falling in between. You do not have to be a Rick and Morty fan to enjoy the collection, of course, that would help, but good clothes are good clothes, regardless of your relationship with the popular TV show. Bravo to Diadora for branching out into a collaboration that many other sportswear brands may have been reluctant to accept, and an even bigger bravo for making it work.


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