Sasha Keable – OMEARA

Words and Photography by Karan Teli

Live at Omeara, Sasha Keable was going to be my first time experiencing live music in a year and a half. I’ve missed everything from the queues, opening acts and then the anticipation while waiting for the headline to take the stage. To be able to put the nightmare of COVID in the rear view mirror, even for a couple hours, was a special feeling amongst the entire audience. 

Sasha took the stage around 9PM, to a chorus of cheers from a sold out audience, something she confesses, like all of us, she hadn’t seen since March 2020. Throughout the show, Sasha reminded the audience of not only her supreme talent, but her incredibly likeable and contagious personality. Having conversations with the crowd in between songs gave them the type of artist to fan interaction we’ve all been craving for the past year. Sasha was negotiating with fans to buy her shots, shouting out her girlfriend and performing teasers of new music, as well as classics such as Mr Always Impatient and stripped back, live cover of Musiq Soulchild’s Just Friends, which she confessed has been synonymous with her live shows. 

I must admit, the thought of being in a sold out, 2000+ capacity venue filled head to toe still seems adventurous to me, but an intimate, sold out show at Omeara was just the perfect return to live music for me. The whole night was more than just a concert; seeing Sasha performing on stage whilst going back and forth with the crowd is something I wasn’t sure when I would see again for a while. 


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