Up Next: SNARL

It’s not very often you hear of a 16-year-old releasing their first ever single and it
immediately sounding as polished as the sounds of the veterans of the genre

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The Rise of The Female Dj: Intro

Words By Joana Silva Let’s be honest: in the noughties, the term ‘DJ’ had some people picturing a middle-aged man with a receding hairline. He hauls his Ford Fiesta from Sweet 16s to wedding receptions, pleading with you to make it on to a dancefloor he’s flooded with every hit from ‘Amarillo’ to ‘Dancing Queen’. […]

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14HQ Reviews – The Brit Awards

It’s award season and 14HQ’s Huss, Bob and Charles sat down with the new and improved 14HQ reviews to talk about the much-anticipated Brit Awards and its relevance within the culture.

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