Up Next: SNARL

It’s not very often you hear of a 16-year-old releasing their first ever single and it
immediately sounding as polished as the sounds of the veterans of the genre

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The Rise Of The Female DJ: Mads Diamond.

The third DJ in our series is 25-year-old DJ Mads Diamond. With clientele ranging from ASOS and Nike to Axel Arigato and Too Faced, it’s safe to say that the Isle of Wight native is making her mark on the London scene. After boldly giving up her full-time job to pursue a career in DJing, […]

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The Rise of The Female Dj: Intro

Words By Joana Silva Let’s be honest: in the noughties, the term ‘DJ’ had some people picturing a middle-aged man with a receding hairline. He hauls his Ford Fiesta from Sweet 16s to wedding receptions, pleading with you to make it on to a dancefloor he’s flooded with every hit from ‘Amarillo’ to ‘Dancing Queen’. […]

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14HQ Reviews – The Brit Awards

It’s award season and 14HQ’s Huss, Bob and Charles sat down with the new and improved 14HQ reviews to talk about the much-anticipated Brit Awards and its relevance within the culture.

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