The Dirty Vegan Takeover at Dirty Bones Soho

Words by Charles Odugbesan

So, on Monday 10th February a number of people were invited to attend an expenses paid dinner, marking The Dirty Vegan Takeover at Dirty Bones restaurant in Soho. My little brother happened to be one of the lucky invitees and he decided to bring yours truly along with him. And whilst I don’t have the most extensive vegan palate… or in fact any at all, who in their right mind would turn down a free dinner in Soho?!

For those unaware; Dirty Bones is an NYC inspired Restaurant and Cocktail Bar that opened here in London in 2014. Dirty Bones boasts multiple chains including Kensington, Shoreditch, Carnaby street and of course, Soho. It has the perfect blend of tasteful aesthetics, vibrant music and most importantly a nice range of quality food and drink. The elaborate design of the restaurant does not compensate for any incompetent service either. It’s foundations are solid. Personally, I’ve been on a few dates to Dirty Bones and can happily confirm I’ve never had a bad experience there. Make a note fellas it’s definitely a safe bet!

The idea behind Monday’s takeover was to introduce Dirty Vegan Monday’s at the Soho branch. Over the last few years, the adoption of the plant-based lifestyle has become more and more popular with restaurants, supermarkets and even fast food joints all now offering Vegan options to extend their reach and cash in on a rapidly rising market. A BBC report published by Lora Jones in 2018 forecasted retail sales of vegan and vegetarian products to rise to £658million, a steady annual increase following a 3 year dip from 2013-15. So a specialised menu in collaboration with Dáppa Ice Creams for one night a week from Dirty Bones as the springtime approaches makes a lot of sense.

The food on the night was great! Those who may be familiar with Dirty Bones’ original menu would have spotted the obvious ‘vegan twist’ as part of each dish. After a few whiskies my brother and I kept it simple, opting for the Classic Vegan Cheeseburger and few different sides. Now I may have gotten ahead of myself and declared the burger I had that night ‘Top 5… easily”, or maybe I didn’t! I challenge anybody to try that same burger and tell me otherwise! On a more serious note, it was a pleasant dining experience and I left feeling less closed minded and perhaps more considerate of eating vegan products going forward. After all they do say experience can be the best teacher!

Find a free Monday Night and check out Dirty Bones, Soho and their specialised ‘Dirty Vegan’ menu!

Visit Dirty Bones Soho: 14 Denman St, Soho, London W1D 7HJ

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