The Impact of Young Chop and his famous Snare

Words by Brinsley Chidavaenzi

With music; sounds come and go. Appear and disappear. Certain sounds and ideas stay throughout culturally across the decades. Think the KORG M1 Organ (Show Me Love + classic UKG), the irresistible grooves of disco and post-disco that have managed to stay with us since the 80’s.

Honing the scope to rap music where nearly every decade since it’s creation – the drums are changing and influences move in and out like tag team wrestling. One sound that’s endured and evolved throughout the past decade of rap music is the infamous Young Chop snare.

The Young Chop snare has lived a life longer than some 808’s; as trap and drill evolved and mutated – the 808’s became more low-end heavy, more talkative but the Chop snare persisted. Usually something like a snare could be marked as a signature sound (the Timbaland and Neptunes era come to mind), but in a era where audio technology is so sophisticated – sounds are democratised. Everything is for everyone.

Why have so many people picked this one sound and it’s close variations? – Simply because it’s the people’s choice. And now the people’s drums.

It’s a sound that no matter what surrounds it is able to cut through a song and be recognised no matter what capacity. From “Don’t Like” to “All Day” to “Know Better” to “Suburban Pt 2” – the DNA and influence of that sound and those frequencies and remains strong. The earliest point of origin trace is from Field Mob Baby’s “Bend Over” where the snare gets used in addition with other secondary snares, but Chop focused on the distinctive sound.

From the origins of the sound being from South to the Midwest (Chicago) to UK drill and Brooklyn, very few sounds receive that time of global length and longevity; especially at production and stylistic trends change at rapid sounds. Who knows what the future of that sound will be. As usual, the people decide the fate of that.

We salute the originators and for Chop’s use of the sound to where the sound is ubiquitous today.


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