Tierra Whack brings her Whack World to Village Underground

Words and Photography by Karan Teli

‘It goes like ABC…MTV…BET’ – A sold out Village Underground crowd practically sang along with every word Tierra Whack said throughout the night, but no sing along was louder than fan favourite track ‘Cable Guy’ from the critically acclaimed album ‘Whack World’.

To keep fans busy before the show, a ‘Hip-Hop word search’ was given out, where fans would have to try and find the names of famous Hip-Hop stars before a two hour set from Tim Westwood, featuring everything from Doja Cat, XXXtentaction, Megan Thee Stallion and Kanye West entertained the crowd with sing-alongs and mosh pits before Tierra Whack took the stage.

Tierra then took the stage, starting off with newer singles such as ‘Only Child’ and ‘Wasteland’ before diving into the minute long tracks from Whack World; one of 2018’s best and most unique albums. Throughout the show she interacted with her crowd, reminding them this was her first ever show in London and how she ‘sold this bitch out’.

In a unique event, she invited two fans on stage, made them spin around until they were dizzy and then they have to find a word on her word search style dress. The winner received free merchandise, a cheer from the crowd, a hug from Tierra Whack and perhaps most importantly, a memorable and unforgettable experience with their favourite artist. Tierra was energetic throughout; taking off her thigh-high red boots and performing the entire show in socks so she could jump more and even crowd surfing at one point.

The show was visually and aesthetically pleasing, with phrases such as ‘I’m so happy to be here and alive’ and ‘Tierra Whack is currently on stage’ in bright colours lighting up the screen behind Tierra as she performed.

The crowd requested an encore, with one of the loudest ‘one more song’ chants I’ve heard to this day… and it worked. Tierra rushed back onto the stage, asked the fans what song they wanted and proceeded to perform ‘Shit Happens’ for the second time, before throwing her mic into the crowd and rushing off stage.

A memorable night in Whack World for Tierra Whack and her fans… and I’m sure this is just the start.


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