Too Many Man: Women of Grime

Words by Tamay Nehir

Too Many Man, a photo-book celebrating Women of Grime by Ellie Ramsden, documents the UK’s Grime scene; celebrating the under-represented, from DJ’s to producers to presenters. London-based Ramsden features women who are striving, thriving and working hard to make it big. Through photography and honest writing, lyrics and landscape photography, this photo-book will show you some of many, showing us who “helped make the genre what it is today”. 

By recognising the disparities between men and women in music, Ramsden hopes to give women a better shot at being noticed for their hard work and efforts. In 2019 only 10.4% of Grammy Award Winners were women nominee’s… and that’s without going into the issues of racial and ethnic underrepresentation, stereotyping and sexualisation. 

Since releasing the 1st Edition back in 2019, Ellie Ramsden decided to make a 2nd Edition, updating interviews and content with the hopes of providing people with consistency whilst making women in music more visible, giving them the “recognition they deserve”. 

As a photographer who has worked with many notable brands including Nike, Adidas and more, Ramsden’s work focusses on questioning “stereotypes”, aiming to “stimulate discussion and giving new perspectives”, especially when it comes to such a crucial topic… gender equality. 

Using urban photography, Ramsden’s street style shots are carefully selected and placed amongst live-music shots and hand-written lyrics. Everything in this photo-book is honest, from the doodles that compliment the scribbly hand-written bars to the styling and expressions on each and every one of Ramsden’s featured women.


Making you want to get to know these women more, the photo-book promotes new talent and women of aptitude in a way that will make you want to search them up and follow their next steps forward while supporting their every move. 

To view the Too Many Man: Women of Grime by Ellie Ramsden, click here.


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