Top 5 Celebrity Video Game appearances

Words by Jason Sewald

Detroit: Too Human is just one of the many games starring Hollywood actors, such as Jesse Williams. Greys Anatomy fans will know him as Dr Jackson Avery and Twitter will know him as a frequently outspoken man on social justice issues who delivered a powerful speech during the BET awards back in 2016. Now, this is not a post about him but it did get me thinking; over the years, Video games have always had a special relationship with Hollywood actors and with the increasing amount and capability of technology, actors are able to have their face captured in a game and almost come across life-like, so I want to write this as an ode to the best video games which starred well-known actors.

5. Beyond: Two Souls

Ellen Page and William Defoe star in the polarising Beyond 2 Souls which funnily enough, was created by the same studio as the aforementioned Detroit. I for one enjoyed the sci-fi thriller because what Beyond: Two Souls relies on is the performances of their actors and Ellen and William performed incredibly well to give us a good story.

4. Fallout New Vegas

Mathew Perry, or better known as Chandler from Friends, plays the villain in this brilliant bethesda game, although many fans thought he lacked any intensity during his performance, I thought he did alright and there have been worse performances. However, as for the game itself, it was absolutely incredible just like a Fallout game should be.

3. GTA: San Andreas

Samuel L. Jackson played the corrupted Officer Tenpenny and gave us a man that we love to hate and loved seeing him crawl on the floor as he drew his last breath even more. Arguably the best game in the franchise, San Andreas has received its legendary status with no short contribution to his performance and for that, he will always be remembered in the gaming world.

2. Batman Arkham series

Mark Hamill is regarded as one of the best jokers in all iterations. His dark and sinister madness seeps out of every word he says, it really makes it hard to believe that it is the same man who played Luke Skywalker (who’s essentially a poster boy for good guys everywhere). That sort of acting range really is only complimented by how excellent the Arkham series is. I guess it’s true what they say – “real recognise real.”

1. Metal Gear Ground Zeros and Phantom Pain

Keifer Sutherland is the man who took the mantle of a snake after years of brilliant performances by David Hayter and even though he did do the role justice, he could never really fill the hole Hayter left. It’s a good thing that Metal Gear did that as a whole. Being a step up from Kojima’s usual Metal Gear games, the fact that we have been given a major free roam game where we as the player can put ourselves into Snakes shoes rather than us just controlling the snake and for that, it lands on this list.


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