Up Next: 12AM

Words by Karan Teli

Emerging Canadian pop singer 12AM is up next with his latest release; Showgirls featuring Pressa and Tyla Yaweh. The catchy and melodic anthem is accompanied by a cinematic Moulin-Rouge inspired music video, which takes one violent and dangerous turn after the next.

Hailing from Toronto, 12AM is often dubbed as one for fans of The Weeknd and The Kid Laroi, but with his latest release, he’s very much trying to establish his own sound and identity as an artist; rather than being grouped in with two of the biggest pop stars in the world simply due to his Canadian affiliation.

12AM is unapologetic with his lyrics in Showgirls; it’s a self-love anthem, perfect for a party or club setting, as the music video shows. ‘Bossed up all that money Ima throw’ is the songs main, and ridiculously catchy line, so you can anticipate the kind of setting 12AM had in mind when he was in the studio creating this one.

The features also add a great element to this song; each artist on this song has a different style of voice and approach to music, and it’s great to see the three blend together to make Showgirls.

Stream Showgirls by 12AM out now.


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