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Words and Photography by Charles Odugbesan

We can all most definitely agree that current times are very hard indeed. With political and global uncertainty both weighing heavy on all our minds and our day to day living as we know it compromised, a sizeable dosage of elf assurance may be just what the doctor ordered – providing that musical liberty for us is the fresh faced DJ, producer and recording artist Yatabe with her new single Pretty Truth. 

After making the KISS FM Playlist with her single No Reason back in 2020, pop’s newcomer is back to round off January 2021 with a brand new track! As beautiful a concept as love is, it can also be a cruel, dangerous game that unsettles even the coldest and most level headed among us. Yatabe uses Pretty Truth to illustrate her own endeavours with love and more importantly, overcoming its toxicity.

“The inspiration for Pretty Truth came from my own personal experience. I went through a break up that took me a while to come to terms with, so I guess the inspiration is related to gaining my self love and taking back my power. Overall, it’s a female empowerment anthem.” Growing up in Japan as an astute musician, Yatabe was able to nurture her ability as a pianist and a singer-songwriter and imprint facets of her culture into her popstar DNA. With Pretty Truth she is able to redefine the pain in her lyrics, masking them in a feel good, up tempo instrumental. The chorus is a crescendo that could take you back to moments you spent dancing the night away with friends in a nightclub across town. Oh, to return to those nights! Not to dwell on the distant past, Yatabe’s ability to invoke this emotion, or to spark such a memory in her music isn’t to be overlooked.

When asked about the message behind  Pretty Truth, her response was that “Pretty Truth is an empowering song to identify your true self and regain the self love and respect that you lost in toxic relationships, learning from your past relationships and and thriving to become stronger. It’s a celebration of the most authentic you and embracing your new path in life.”

The future will no doubt be bright for Yatabe if she continues to be able to uplift, inspire and wow us with her unique sense of style and musical ability. She’s a definite one to watch!

Listen to Yatabe’s brand new single Pretty Truth here


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